About Me

… and head wind journal

A head wind is a wind that slows us down. Stops our forward motion, at least temporarily.

During this lull, I feel the mind breezes. Like clouds above the ocean, they may take shape or drift away.





I sailed into the blogging world in January of 2013. At the time, I was still working as a freelance writer, that is, writing for clients and the local newspaper. So I set up head wind journal as an outlet for my own essay writing – and for the photos I take while walking around.

It’s been fun, more fun than working! So far, I have posted 75 essays, almost every two weeks.

Now it’s time to expand, reach out to more bloggers and readers and discover what opportunities lie within and beyond the blogosphere.




For more information

For more specific information on my background, please refer to my Credits page.

For what I hope is helpful information, see Inspiration & Resources.





You can reach me at linda@lindahutchison.com

Thanks! Linda









One thought on “About Me”

  1. Dear Linda;I read with pleasure your little stories. They are very cute and funny .Continue the good work…Maybe one of those days we could get together ? Love Michele

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